Freelance Business Launch

✓ 1-Week One-on-One Coaching Session

I help you work through the journey from being a solo Freelancer to starting a Freelance Business (Entrepreneur)

✓ I offer valuable advice to boost your business

 I offer thoughtful solutions to entrepreneurial problems

 I support you in every facet of marketing and structuring your online business

Workbooks, Resources and a Community of like-minded people you can tap from and rub minds with.





Get MENTORED on everything you need to LAUNCH the BUSINESS of your dreams and stay organized while you’re at it. We bring years of knowledge and experience to the table and at your disposal, coaching you one-on-one on how to launch your own business.

We all need guidance, every now and then. If you’re an entrepreneur looking for a bit of advice about advancing your business, I’m just a click away!

This is a One-on-One Coaching session where I practically “hold your hands” and teach you how to launch your Virtual Assistant Business.


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